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a plate of food with meat and vegetablesLet us cater your next event! We offer many options such as pick-up, drop-off and buffet. 

Most of your favorite dishes can be ordered by half pan and full pan (aluminum catering pan sizes). A half pan will normally feed 9-12 adults and a full pan will normally feed 18-24 adults. 


Lasagna (Half Pan $xxx; Full Pan $xxx)

Chicken Alfredo (Half Pan $xxx; Full Pan $xxx)

Manicotti (Half Pan $xxx; Full Pan $xxx)

Chicken & Veggies over Rice (Half Pan $xxx; Full Pan $xxx)

Baked Ziti (Half Pan $xxx; Full Pan $xxx)

Chicken & Broccoli Tortellini (Half Pan $xxx; Full Pan $xxx)

Baked Chicken (12 Chicken Halves $xxx; 24 Chicken Halves $xxx)

Garden Salad (Half Pan $xxx; Full Pan $xxx)

Veggies & Rice (Half Pan $xxx; Full Pan $xxx)