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* Loyal Customers & Friends of Sims Street House of Pizza:

We appreciate your business and support throughout our 30 years of being in business. We especially appreciate the support shown during the highly stressful environment caused by COVID-19. Our hope was that the business problems caused by the pandemic would cease and that life would return to the previous normal. Unfortunately, we have been forced now to adjust our menu prices just like many other businesses that have been impacted by increases in the cost of food and labor. Please know our family continues to strive to provide some of the best food, service and overall dining experience in our area. Thank you for your understanding.

Pandemic Product Pricing We are paying between 10% and 40% more for many of the products we use in almost all of our basic recipes. The outlook shows continued increases due to supply and labor disruptions.

Pandemic Pay Employee wage costs have increased substantially and we pay much more than the minimum wage. We are also facing an employee shortage, requiring substantial overtime pay. We currently are hiring. We need about ten additional employees. Please refer anybody that you feel would be a good fit for us. Thanks in advance for your assistance.